7215 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, Tennessee 37135, United States

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Outlanders Southern Chicken

Welcome to Outlanders Southern Chicken

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Restaurant Menu

Signature Sauces and Rubs

Creamy Dippin' Sauces


Our version of a mild creamy Alabama original!

Cool Farmhouse Ranch

Our most LOVED of our dippin’ sauce!

House-made Habanero Ranch

Our most LOVED turned up!

Honey Mustard

It’s so good you’ll want to eat it with a spoon!

Bleu Cheese

A perfect blend of Bleu cheese chunks and crumble. Nuff said!

Sauce & Toss or Dippin'


A classic Buffalo “Yard-bird” tossin’ sauce


Our classic Buffalo kicked up!

Island Mango

Tropical island goodness with a sweet sunny heat

Honey Boom Boom

Honey and cayenne peppers with a hint of wildflowers-n-citrus

BoomChuggaLugga!! You’ll love it!

Lucky Buddha Sauce #1

FORTUNE: You can make your happiness!

Try this classic Asian sauce

Bold and sweet!

Key West Conch Sauce

A “Conch Republic” favorite!

Dip into the party with sweet Tequila-n-Lime!

Citrus Chipotle

Sweet heat with hints of citrus!


Bold smoky and spicy with a hint of tangy mustard and apple cider vinegar!

Smokin’ BBQ

Smoky sweet and rich!

Dry Rub Seasonings

Try any of our signature Dry Rubs for an additional .50 for every 6 wings

Applewood Chipotle

Granulated honey sweet paprika smoky apple wood and blasts

of Chipotle for a perfect blend of sweet smokiness and heat!

Chili Lime

Sweet and smoky Ancho chili peppers with tangy citrus lime zest

Whiskey BBQ

Distilled true southern BBQ sweet and robust

Lemon Pepper Herb

Hearty pepper and zesty lemon and hints of garden herbs